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Electrical systems repair in San Diego

Your vehicle’s starting system consists of two parts: the electric starter motor and a starter solenoid. Turning your key in the ignition triggers the starting system by sending power from the battery to the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid then activates the starter motor, which spins the engine a few times to turn it on. Charging systems deliver electrical energy to power your vehicle while it’s running and sustains the battery’s charge. Your vehicle’s charging system consists of three parts: the battery, the alternator, and the voltage regulator. The battery supplies the necessary electrical power to start your engine. The alternator generates the electrical currents to power everything electrical in the car, while the regulator controls the voltage of the currents. The voltage regulator also makes sure the battery stays fully charged. When the battery has lost its charge, the voltage regulator will signal the alternator to recharge the battery.

Charging and Starter System Repair

At SD Auto Service, we run full diagnostics to see what’s going on and which parts to replace.

You might need starter system repair if your vehicle demonstrates any of the following symptoms:

A knocking noise when you turn the key
the engine makes a noise but it doesn't start
the doors don't unlock when you press unlock on the remote
the lights don't turn on when you switch them on
The engine starts but electrical systems aren't powered
You are unable to start the car even with someone else's car hooked up with jumper cables

Charging and Starter System at SD Auto Service includes all of the following:

Diagnostics of Charging and Starting System
Total replacement of broken parts
diagnose and install new battery and coil cables
diagnose and install new alternator
No matter what the problem with your starting your vehicle, we will diagnose and fix it properly.


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